Castle Keep – A Medieval Fiefdom Lots

Creations for Auntielynd‘s fabulous custom world Castle Keep – A Medieval Fiefdom

I made a series of Late Night lots to go in the neighborhood, and a remodel of the Queen and Kings castle.

Lord Bacchus’ Ballroom Hall

 2313 Seaview Lane

This is an exclusive dance club for the lords and ladies of Castle Keep. Look out for the Queen and King of Castle Keep, since they are regular visitors.








Chez Victoria

144 Victoria’s Terrace

A relaxed lounge where the inhabitants of Castle Keep can come to unwind after a long hard day at work. It includes a common lounge area and a VIP lounge.








Poor Man’s Dance Square

 2324 Market Street
A dance club for the common people of Castle Keep. No flare, just some good old fun!









Arkhaden’s Castle Of Darkness – Remodel

Arkhaden made this fantastic community castle lot: Castle Of Darkness 
I wanted it to be the castle of my Queen and King of castle keep so I remodeled the interior into a residential lot. All interiors are by me and I also changed the exterior textures. The fantastic architecture is all Arkhadens!